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Christian Tai Chi
Dr Chi Chiang Tao, Christian Tai Chi Master

by Richard Farmer

The following article about Dr. Chi Chiang Tao was written by Richard Farmer of Rising Dragon Tai Chi and was reprinted with his permission. Richard Farmer while visiting Dr. Chi Chian Tao in Vancouver BC in the mid 1980's, also visited with Tchoung Ta-Tchen. I hope you enjoy the article:

Sweep LotusWhen Dr Chi died in 1994 I felt I would like to honour his passing by spending some time writing about him. This article has been taken from a newsletter of the RDTC School at that time. [Richard Farmer 1998]

Dr Chi left mainland China when the communists took control. Being a Mandarin speaker and traditionalist and having fought in the mountains, he was at risk if he stayed, so he and his family moved to Taiwan. Up to this point in his life he had already been studying Tai Chi Chuan for over 25 years with several well respected masters and once in Taiwan he met Cheng Man Ching and continued to study for a further 15 years. When I say study, I mean he would take time before work and after work, to be with his teacher, 7 days a week, 52 weeks of the year, as is the Chinese tradition.

He was completely dedicated to Tai Chi Chuan, so much so that he was not only the Vice President of the Taiwan Tai Chi Chuan Association but one of its chief instructors. He was involved politically as well as physically. It is said that if it was not for his Tai Chi he would have died of the tuberculosis which he contracted whilst in the mountains fighting.

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Studying the Dao with Jesus

Studying the Dao with Jesus: Taijiquan and Christian Spiritual Life

© 2003 by Russ Mason.
This article originally appeared in the Taijiquan Journal 4/4 (Fall 2003) and can probably still be ordered as a back issue. This issue also contained articles by a Daoist author, A Buddhist teacher, and a student of the Jewish Talmud.

Russ Mason, M.A. has studied Yang-style Taijiquan since 1978. He teaches English and culture at the University of Delaware.

Click Here to Download Printer Friendly PDF Version of Studying the Tao with Jesus: Taijiquan and Christian Spiritual Life.

Over the last century, cultural winds have carried the seed of taijiquan beyond the borders of its native China, and it has taken root in Western lands. Many of these new learners consider the art of taijiquan to be somehow related to spiritual life. However, neither the principles of taijiquan nor the concepts of philosophical Daoism are necessarily wedded to any particular religious doctrine or practice. Indeed, our taijiquan family includes people of every faith. But what is the nature of this connection of taijiquan and spirituality? How does taijiquan mesh with Western concepts of spirituality? In particular, can an Asian martial art created by a culture influenced by Daoism, Confucianism, and Buddhism be compatible with the Christian faith? As a follower of this faith it has been my experience that taijiquan is not only compatible but that it can also enhance spiritual growth within a Christian context.

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