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China Clinic

Friends have brought to our attention a young lady in China, who was given permission to open a clinic in a village. She received a small piece of land but had to raise the money for building the clinic and purchasing of medical equipment herself. She is a very dedicated young lady, graduated from a medical college in China with three years of training in medicine, along with emphasis on Chinese medicine.

This clinic is in Southwest part of China, in the province of Guizhou, and the village name is Nanmen, in the town of Mawei. There are about 4,500 people in the village. Because it is in the mountain region, there is no medical facility nearby, a clinic will enable this village to receive the necessary medical care. Tax duductible receipts are available for donations. Please let us know if you might be willing to sponsor this project!

First Set of Pictures

We have received two sets of pictures of the China Clinic, taken by our friend Daniel Jiao, along with emails telling a bit about the needs of the clinic. Please check on the link for more information in order to see the pictures. I hope to be able to organize them better soon.

Daniel Jiao with the Young DoctorCurrent Clinic BuildingMajor Street in TownClinic Floor PlansNeighborhood of Clinic in the Town of Mawei

Another View of the Neighborhood

Second Set of Pictures

This is the second set of pictures we received. The Doctor is hoping to be able to raise funds to get a better location close to the main highway in order to better serve her community.

Inside the ClinicThe StorefrontThe SignChildren of the TownMore Local Children Who Need This Clinic for their Health CareThe Clinic BuildingThe Clinic Could Better Serve the People if it Were Closer to the Main Highway


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