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Demonstration Videos of the Cheng Man Ch'ing and Tchoung Ta Tchen Yang Styles of Tai Chi Chuan
Tchoung Forms by Laurens Lee (CD)

Tchoung Ta-Tchen's Dual Style Tai Chi Chuan (Yang Style), Demonstrated by Sifu Laurens Lee

Tchoung's Dual Style Tai Chi Chuan (or Yang's Dual Style Tai Chi Chuan) was created by Master Tchoung Ta-Tchen based on the old style of the Yang School and the principle of balance. Master Tchoung rearranged this so all movements have corresponding movements in the opposite direction, from left to right and right to left, thus creating the Dual Style.

Cost is US $30.00 plus Shipping.
To order Contact Laurens Lee at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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Tchoung Ta-tchen Videos (DVD)

This DVD is a collection of video tapes of Tchoung Ta-tchen and his Tai Chi. There are videos from the 1970's in South Africa, 1972 in Seattle, 1992 in Vancouver, BC and 1994 in Vancouver, BC. This DVD contains Forms Demonstrations, Push Hands, Sections 7,8 & 9, Sanshou (several) as well as Hsing-Yi and the Yang Tai Chi Sword.

To purchase this DVD you will need to visit the DVD section of the website. First Click on the Navigation Bar item that says "DVD Videos". Then look for the link on that page that says "Taiji Master Tchoung Ta Tchen" to add this DVD to your cart. Hopefully they will redesign this page soon so that we can link directly to the items.

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Cost of the DVD is $30.00

Cheng Man-Ching Videos (DVD)

Video footage of Cheng Man-Ching doing his forms as a young man and as an older man. He also does push hands practice with his students in New York as well as demonstrating the sword form. The Video can be ordereed from the following two places:

In the United States this can be purchased from
Cho San Inc., in Asheville, North Carolina. They may only carry the VHS version. Cost is $65 plus shipping, which is about $6.

In Taiwan this can be purchased from The Cheng Tze Tai-Chi Chuan Study Association They have a DVD version and can ship it. Cost is $35 plus shipping of $20.00 per order. Ordering more products can bring down the shipping cost per item. Click to See all their Products.


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Cheng Man Ching: The Master Tapes

More than four hours of never-before-seen footage of Cheng in action: pushing hands, teaching, fencing, laughing, telling stories.

Cheng Man Ching (Zheng Manqing) was one of the great Tai Chi masters of the 20th Century. His students include William C.C Chen, Robert W. Smith, T.T. Liang, Stanley Israel, Huang Shyeng Shen, Ken Van Sickle, Benjamin Lo, Ed Young, Abraham Liu, Maggie Newman and many others.

In this rare collection of previously-unreleased tapes, Professor Cheng is seen teaching, pushing hands, fencing, laughing, telling stories, demonstrating mastery in every gesture.

The cost for the set is $149.00


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