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How I began my Tai Chi Training

Sean Carney1976 with Steve Malliaris class. I painted the wall.Hello, My name is Sean Carney and I enjoy teaching Tai Chi Chuan.
My Tai Chi experience started at the age of 16 in 1974 in Vancouver, BC. Canada. I had just recently snuck out of the house at 4:00 am and taken a cab to the airport in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada in order to take a flight to Vancouver. My motivation for this move was to attend an 'Alternative School' called Total Eduction because I was disillusioned with the public school system. My initial motivation to take Tai Chi, originally for a short time from Steve Malliaris, was because of knee problems I had for years, Osgood-Schlatter Disease, that was painful and prevented me from bending my knees fully. Practicing Tai Chi cleared up that problem for me and I became hooked on Tai Chi!

Sifu Tchoung Ta-Tchen Holding the BallTchoung Ta-Tchen was my eventual teacher (Sifu in Chinese) and was like a father figure to me. He was also the teacher of Steve Malliaris and my logical next teacher. I attended classes every day of the week. My wake up routine was about four hours and I did that for years. Tai Chi was my life but I also managed to work part time to pay my rent and put myself through high school. Tai Chi Class Photo in National Geographic

Sifu Tchoung Ta-Tchen encouraged us to go to other cities and visit and practice with other Tai Chi teachers. He spoke most highly of Cheng Man-Ching in New York. This was a couple years after Cheng Man-Ching passed away. In taking his advice, one year a carload of us students rented a station wagon and drove to San Francisco California to visit an old Tai Chi teacher, in his 90's that taught in a park every morning at 6:00 am!

National Geographic magazine produced an article on Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada which was published in October of 1978 shortly after I hitch-hiked to South America. When I returned the following year friends showed me my picture in the National Geographic Magazine. I managed to find a copy for 25 cents in a thrift store, and have since scanned in the image. I am the little blond head of hair just above/behind the teachers right shoulder. In case you haven't found me yet I am wearing a blue shirt. Let me know if you still can't find me and I will consider drawing a little circle around my head!


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