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My Personal Encounter with Yeshua (Jesus)

After returning from South America and after the birth of my daughter (Children can have a very taming effect on wild creatures!) I had a conversion experience, through many miracles and a slew of experiences that I hope to write into a book someday, and I have been following Jaheshua (Jesus) as a Seventh-day Adventist Christian ever since. This was a logical transition for me, having been raised in a Jewish home and believing in healthful living. At this time I decided that my Christian faith and the martial arts could not coexist. I kept my limbering exercises going but stopped the martial arts study.

When I turned forty I started to suffer from plantar fasciitis, which is caused primarily by tight calves and achilles tendons. This caused me to have extremely painful heals and it hurt to stand up for long periods of time! I even had corticosteroid shots into my heals. That was incredibly painful! After speaking with a Chinese Seventh-day Adventist physician, Dr. Chester Wong, about the cause of the problem, I realized that I should get back to the Tai Chi from my youth because it would help fix that problem. And... Once again the flexibility training in Tai Chi came to the rescue and caused me to get better from another of my physical ailments! As well, I was able to reconcile my faith and the practice of Tai Chi. The key to me is not to worship the created but to worship the creator! It still took me quite a while to come out of my closet with my Christian friends and admit that I was a secret Tai Chi Aficionado!

Later I came across an article written by a Cheng Man-Ching Tai Chi Practitioner who went through an almost identical experience as myself. In order for you to read this article I had to retype it because of copyright issues. I have the author's permission and the permission of the publisher, to put up the text of the article. It is a great article! I hope you enjoy it! The title of his article is: Studying the Tao with Jesus: Taijiquan and Christian Spiritual Life.

Click Here to Read: Studying the Tao with Jesus: Taijiquan and Christian Spiritual Life!

Click Here to Download Printer Friendly PDF Version of Studying the Tao with Jesus: Taijiquan and Christian Spiritual Life.

© 2003 by Russ Mason. This article originally appeared in the Taijiquan Journal 4/4 (Fall 2003) and can probably still be ordered as a back issue.
Russ Mason, M.A. has studied Yang-style Taijiquan since 1978. He teaches English and culture at the University of Delaware.

There is another article I came across on the web about a student of Cheng Man-Ching that become a Christian, dropped out of the Tai Chi scene and then came back. His name was Dr Chi Chiang Tao. Click Here to Read the Story about Dr Chi Chiang Tao. The article about Dr. Chi Chiang Tao was written by Richard Farmer of Rising Dragon Tai Chi and was reprinted with his permission. Click Here Read the Original Article from Rising Dragon Tai Chi.


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