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Instructional Videos on Cheng Man-Ching's Simplified Yang Style Tai Chi Form
CMC 37 Form Postures Tutorial (DVD)

This is probably my favorite instructional DVD. It is a step by step instruction and self-practice program on the CMC 37 form postures
Demonstrator: Hsu, Yee-Chung & Students
Publisher: Tong Hai Tai-Chi Chuan Center

A step by step instruction and self-practice program on CMC 37 form postures.
The DVD can be ordered from Taiwan:
Cheng-Tzu Tai-Chi Chuan Study Association
Cost is $35.00 plus shipping of $20.00 per order. Ordering more products reduces shipping cost per item.

Read more...  [CMC 37 Form Postures Tutorial (DVD)]
CMC Form by Terence Dunn (DVD)

This DVD includes 10 minutes of breathing and warm-ups, 30-minute introduction to the postures, One hour of step-by-step instruction and practice of the form, and an eight-minute demonstration of the complete Yang Short Form.

This Video was the first quality video of the Cheng Man-Ching Yang Style form produced. Does not seem as relaxed as Ben Lo or Tricia Yu, but the teaching style is easy to learn from and the forms are very Correct!

Send all orders for the Short Form DVD's to Terry's company at this address: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

CMC Form by William Phillips (DVD)

Cheng Man-Ch'ing's Yang Style Short Form Demontrated and taught by Sifu William C. Phillips, direct student of Professor Cheng Man-Ch'ing.

Video highlights:
Easy Step-by-Step Instruction. Lessons are designed to be easy to absorb in short sittings. See Each Movement From Several Different Angles. All the Stances, Postures and Footwork Explicated. Improve Health and Vitality in 7 to 10 Minutes a Day. Prof. Cheng's Complete Yang Style Short Form Explained and Demonstrated. Perfect for the Beginner or Even the Advanced Student. Any student who has questions while studying with the video is welcome to contact Sifu Phillips directly via email!

Click to Order this DVD Online.
Cost of the DVD is $ 44.95 USD
There are also VHS versions available for $24.95

CMC Form by Ben Lo (VHS or DVD)

This is an authoritative Instructional video on the proper execution of the Cheng Man-Ch'ing form. Benjamin Lo has had more than 50 years experience teaching Tai Chi Chuan. Mr. Lo studied with Professor Cheng Man-Ch'ing from 1949 until Cheng Man-Ching passed away in 1976. Until recently there was no DVD version. Mr. Ben Lo's video is not available through any standard distribution channels, but you can order it directly from:

Mr. Benjamin Lo
P.O. Box 210537
San Francisco, CA 94121-0537
Cost is $75 plus shipping, which is about $5

CMC Form by Tricia Yu (DVD)

Tricia Yu reviews the Yang Style Short Form, Cheng Man-Ch'ing lineage, its principles and philosophy. Using her insights from 28 years experience in teaching Tai Chi, she presents the Form in a clear and easy-to-learn format amidst beautiful settings.

This video is especially useful as a daily practice resource for people with experience in Yang Style Tai Chi. It is an ideal tool for review and enhancement of daily practice.

Click Here to Purchase this DVD online
Cost of the DVD is $ 25.00 USD. Shipping is $6.95
or you may Click Here to Purchase this video in VHS format for the same price.


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