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CMC 37 Form Postures Tutorial (DVD)

This is probably my favorite instructional DVD. It is a step by step instruction and self-practice program on the CMC 37 form postures
Demonstrator: Hsu, Yee-Chung & Students
Publisher: Tong Hai Tai-Chi Chuan Center

A step by step instruction and self-practice program on CMC 37 form postures.
The DVD can be ordered from Taiwan:
Cheng-Tzu Tai-Chi Chuan Study Association
Cost is $35.00 plus shipping of $20.00 per order. Ordering more products reduces shipping cost per item.

Here is a list of all their products:

DVD 1: (Good to view for demonstration/admiration)
CMC Tai-Chi Chuan and Sword. Demonstrated by Professor
Cheng. US $35.00 each (Mandarin, English)

DVD 2: (Tutorial DVD. Important to learn and for form corrections/tuning)
37 form Postures Tutorial Disk (self learning, step-by-step)
Demonstrated by Hsu, Yee-Chung and his students.
US $35.00 each (Mandarin, English & Japanese)

Book 1: CMC Tai-Chi Chuan, Text book English version,
US $10.00 each

Book 2: CMC 37 forms posture gallery
Large picture on fine art paper, one form per page.
US $30.00 each

Plus shipping of $20.00 per order.

Payment: Bank/personal check or cash in a sealed envelope (money orders & credit cards are NOT accepted)

Check mailing address:

Mr. Hsin Saeng Lee (Payee)
290 Ta-Tung Road, Sec. 1
Shi-Chih, Taipei 221

WEB Site:

E-Mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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