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Online Videos About Ancient China's God

The following are some interesting online videos we have found about Ancient China's understanding about the creator ShangDi. Please Note: These Videos are Not based on the ancient oracle bone or bronzeware characters as are the books God and the Ancient Chinese, God's Promise to the Chinese and The Beginning of Chinese Characters. Nevertheless, you should find these DVDs interesting.  If you really want to dig in then order the books!

God in Ancient China DVD Preview
This video is a preview of the God in Ancient China DVD. It explores the Chinese word "Create" and demonstrates that the Spoken Word started living things moving. It also explores "Blessed" and "Prosperity" and explains how Chinese characters, within a Chinese word, tell a story.

God In Ancient China Part 01 01
Chinese New Years is a special time for twenty percent of the worlds population. Chinese is the most spoken language in the world and also on the Internet. The Chinese have the earliest and most enduring civilization with 4,500 years of unbroken history.

God In Ancient China Part 01 02
Turn up your volume to hear this video as the sound is a bit weak.
Explores 4,500 year time-line of unbroken Chinese history showing when ancient religions of Taoism (6th B.C.), Confucianism (5th B.C.), and Buddhism (5th B.C.) developed and what the Chinese believed during the 2,000 years before these great world religions.

God and Ancient China Part 02 01
Much the same as previous video. For thousands of years the ancient Chinese worshiped ShangDi (The most high king, who lives in heaven) who has all the same characteristics as the God of the ancient Hebrew scriptures.

God and Ancient China Part 02 02
Shang Dynasty written records, still available today, were in the time-frame of Moses, Joshua and the Exodus. Confucius confirmed Shang people worshiped ShangDi, sovereign over all nations who removes Kings, sets up Kings, governs all elements of nature and is Lord of the harvest.

God and Ancient China Part 02 03
The Cho Dynasty changed the name of ShangDi to ShangTien, or Tien, (the God most high) and the phrase "Mandate of Heaven" was widely used as the ancient Chinese believed in the sovereignty and supreme authority of the Creator God.


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