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Improve Your Push Hands Skills at this Weekly Gathering

Guy and Sean. Who's pushing?

Open Invitation to All Push Hands Practitioners
10:00 AM Sundays. Austin, Texas. Serious Practice. Serious Fun. Visitors Welcome. Y'all Come! We are easy to find at our weekly park gatherings: Click Here to Download our Map to the Park.

Many Austin Martial Artists (Internal and External stylists) gather together on Sunday mornings. We gather at  Pease Park at 10:00 AM until Noon. Some come earlier and some stay later. Click Here to View a Google Map to the Site

Deldrick and Sean Relaxing

Tai Chi Chuan Practitioners, and other Internal Martial Artists gather to play together doing push hands and to practice their forms. Other Martial Art stylists also gather to practice forms, drills, weapons training and similar exercises. All are welcome!

Mark or Guy about to fly Google Group:
Park Players Google Group web address:
email address to send messages to the Park Players Group:
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Anybody that is subscribed as a member of the Group can post notices to the list. We try to take our discussions off of the list so people won't get flooded and unsubscribe

Facebook Group: Donna giving David a push
We have also set up a Facebook group with discussion boards, sharing of photos, videos, and more. You will need to create a facebook account to access this.
Click here to Login to Facebook and View or Join the Facebook Group

To find us at the park you will park at the south end of Pease Park. The meeting place is easy to access from Enfield by going north on Parkway.  Click Here to Download the Map.

Graceful Deldrick and AudreyNo Group or Organization Affiliation
Soft Answer Tai Chi is happy to provide this web page and also manage the Facebook and Google Groups for this Push Hands gathering since the instructor, Sean Carney, is a bit of a gear-head and enjoys web communications.  However, the Push-Hands gathering is not a function of the Soft Answer Tai Chi class or of any other structured organization.

The Rules of Engagement
Since everybody comes from different styles, all tend to play differently.  We try to sum up the rules in one short and sweet saying: Play Nice! That is our only stated rule which encompasses not hurting anybody, being humble and coming willing to invest in loss!  That does not preclude playing rough.  Playing rough is allowed if both parties agree and you abide by the rule: Play Nice!

Whose move next?Intentionally NOT a Class
Martial Arts teachers may be in attendance at these gatherings, and some may even teach, but this gathering is intentionally *NOT* a martial art class! Rather it is intended as an opportunity for sharing knowledge. A way to 'give to' and 'take from' each other. Freely you have received freely give! Multiple groups attend. All are welcome!

Crowds are Good!Participation From Other Styles Encouraged
Participants come from a wide variety of Tai Chi styles and other martial arts. Some of the Tai Chi styles represented are versions of Chen, Wu and Yang styles from such teachers / lineages as Yang Cheng Fu, Cheng Man-Ching, Tchoung Ta-Tchen, Kuo LIen Ying, Chen Pan Ling, Kai Ying Tung and others.  We also have participants from Hsing-I, Bagua, Praying Mantis, Aikido, Wing Chun and others. Everybody is welcome.

Some Tai Chi Teachers Attend
The list below shows Tai Chi Teachers from the Greater Austin area who sometimes attend the Pease Park Push Hands Group. Please come to the park to meet, and push hands with, these teachers or contact them via their various web sites and phone numbers as listed below:


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