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Thank You for the Soft Answer Tai Chi Web Site

Sean, I just wanted to thank you for your website---Soft Answer Tai Chi----As I am beginning to learn Tai Chi, I appreciate being able to see the applications video and the Master doing the FORM. Thank you.
Beginner Roy

"come and try it!!!"

This is a unique setting where like minded people can socialize and improve their skill. Its for everyone and every level of experience. Push hands is very interesting because it involves two people but isn't necessarily a competition. Tai Chi is not aggressive and we are not trying to fight or hurt each other. Lots of FUN!! The fact that it is free is icing on the cake. This is definitely one of Austin's treasures. We want to keep it going, so I encourage anyone to try it once.
-Patrick Lantz

Investing in Loss

Sunday morning push hands at Pease Park is where you go to meet and play with students from different martial artist backgrounds and a wide range of skill levels. It is a place to practice what you have learned doing T’ai Chi forms in a relaxed setting with friendly people. We use a clock to time partnering, so each participant gets the opportunity to switch off and play with everyone else.

Everyone who comes has an ego, so the problem of focusing on winning just this one particular match is always present. Which is a good thing, since part of the push hand learning is to “invest in loss”, something I will be working on for the next 20+ years. Sunday morning at Pease Park is a place to do that...

Steven Zoraster

Great Way to Spend the Morning

The Sunday morning push hands time in the park is a great way to meet and practice with people from different branches of Taiji. There's a real authentic feel to it, just like in Beijing China: there's laughter, banter and the opportunity to practice your sensitivity.

M. Giles

Classical Chinese Gongfu

Different Styles & Teachers

Everybody will tell you something different because everybody comes from different styles and different teachers. This is a feature, not a bug! Decide for yourself what works best, while still remaining under the guidance of your teacher!

Sean Carney

Soft Answer Tai Chi

All Martial Artists Welcome

The group is NOT limited to only Tai Chi Chuan practitioners. Martial Artists from other styles come and discover Push Hands practice helps them improve in their perspective styles by increasing sensitivity, awareness and responsiveness.

Sean Carney

Soft Answer Tai Chi

Look Forward to Push Hands

Push Hands every Sunday morning is a highlight of my week. The group is very committed and even in bad weather we usually have a good turnout. I definitely recommend this group to anybody seriously learning Tai Chi Chuan and Push Hands!

Seam Carmey

Soft Answer Tai Chi

One Size Doesn't Fit All

Tall people, short people, stout people, skinny people, men, women, in fact all people, have unique physical and mental characteristics enriching our pushing hands play. Many practice partners correlates to many improvement opportunities.

Sean Carney

Soft Answer Tai Chi

Practice Makes Perfect

Week by week, Month by month, Year by year; we watch each others push hands practice improve. That helps improve our forms, which in turn improves our push hands. It’s a circular thing! Indeed, practice is the key. It also helps to relax!

Sean Carney

Soft Answer Tai Chi

All Skill Levels Welcome

Everybody has something to teach and something to learn. We need each others varied skill levels to better improve the group as a whole. No matter who you push hands with, if you have a mind open to learning, you will learn something.

Sean Carney

Soft Answer Tai Chi

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