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1   Link   Online Book Store of Sinim Research Institute
This online book store is a place to purchase books to learn more about the God of Ancient China.
2   Link   Original Unknown’ God of China
This is a great article what will introduce you very quickly towards understanding the God of the Ancient Chinese.
3   Link   Sample of Ancient Chinese Characters
Seven Chinese Characters that show that the ancient Chinese knew the Genesis Creation Story.
4   Link   Chapter Preview from God and the Ancient Chinese Book
The Bible mentions China as demonstrated in this excerpt from the book God and the Ancient Chinese
5   Link   Chinese Border Sacrifice Compared to Hebrew Sacrificial System
An online article briefly showing the similarities between the great Chinese Border Sacrifice and the Hebrew Sacrificial System.
6   Link   Wikipedia Article Regarding ShangDi
A very good article on Wikipedia about ShangDi, the God of the Ancient Chinese!
7   Link   Flash Presentation on Genesis in Characters
This flash presentation gives anoverview of the Genesis story in the Ancient Chinese Characters.

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